Plant powered juices to fuel your day

Plant powered juices to fuel your day

Discover our plant-powered range of health drinks

Discover our plant-powered range of health drinks

The Plenish cold press process

The Plenish cold press process
  1. Select the highest quality organic produce.
  2. Cold-press them to squeeze out the maximum amount of juice without using heat, which can destroy the nutrients.
  3. Blend different juices to create the right combination of vitamins and minerals (and make each juice super-delicious).
  4. Preserve the goodness using High-Pressure Processing (HPP), placing the bottles in a tank of water that uses super-high pressure to kill bacteria but preserve nutrients.
  5. Send the cold pressed juice to Plenishers to so they can press on and crush it.

By far the best cleanse I have ever tried. Having done cheaper ones before that left me feeling hungry, this felt like I was actually feeding my body with nutrients. By the end my skin was glowing, and my body felt healthier and much slimmer. I didn't want it to end and will definitely do again soon!

Amy, Bristol

The Plenish 5:2 was first ever juice cleanse I've done, and I really didn't think I would last a whole day without food, however all the juices tasted great and before I knew it was the last juice and time for bed. The next day I felt energised, my stomach was considerably flatter, and I didn't even feel that hungry for breakfast! I think the 5:2 approach to juicing makes it much more accessible to people who train and have busy lives as it’s easy to fit into your schedule and makes you feel and look amazing - I will definitely be doing this more often


This is a green juice for hardcore green juice lovers. No fruit means it's really what it says ... the greenest green. I love it because it's so low in sugar and has heaps of nutrients. I can feel it doing my body good!

Ocado customer


Choose from our range of curated cold pressed juices, designed by the Plenish Dieteician with your goals in mind. All of our cold pressed juices are made from the highest quality, organic and sustainably sourced ingredients. The fruit and veg is cold pressed to squeeze out as much juice as possible without using heat, as this can destroy the nutrients in the produce. We carefully select the ingredients to ensure each cold pressed juice contains the right combination of vitamins and nutrients to help you meet your health goals. Order cold pressed juice online at Plenish and join the plant fuelled revolution!


  • You want a convenient way of nourishing your cells with clean, nutrient rich fuel.
  • You’ve completed your cleanse, feel ah-mazing and still want some of your favourite cold pressed juices in your everyday diet.
  • You want to enhance your workouts with plant based amino acids and natural energy from plant based foods.