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When it comes to our juices, it’s all good

At Plenish, we go all out to put the best in. So our juices contain nothing but the finest organic produce, cold-pressed and bottled.  Because we use only the finest organic ingredients straight from the plant, we don’t need additives, flavourings or concentrates. Our juices are fruit and veg – pure and simple – cold-pressed to release all of their natural goodness.


  • Boost: Essential Green Juice 500ml

    Made from the finest organic vegetables, this green juice is made up of 73% vegetables, sweet pear, zesty lemon, and fiery ginger.

  • Fuel: Hard Green Juice 500ml

    Our Fuel green juice is made up of 96% vegetables; 4% lime and 0% rubbish.

  • Kick: Spicy Lemonade 500ml

    Our spicy lemonade, kick juice is made of the finest chillies; zingy lemon & lime; sweet coconut nectar.

  • Lift: Sweet Green Juice 500ml

    Naturally sweet, Lift is a light green juice with a fragrant touch of basil and citrus tang from lime.

  • Pump: Berry Beets Juice 500ml

    Full of flavour, Pump is a delicious blend of sweet berries, beetroot and zingy lime. No flavourings, no preservatives, no additives. No need.

  • Rise: Easy Green Juice 500ml

    NEW Limited Edition tropical juice for the Summer: the sweetness of pineapple and pear blended with fresh spinach, cucumber and lime.

  • Savour: Cacao Super M*lk 500ml

    Our creamy cashew and cacao m*lk is made with cacao and maca, blended with delicious dates and a dash of cinnamon and Himalayan salt.

  • Shield: Sweet Immunity Juice 500ml

    Naturally sweet, with a subtle hint of fiery ginger to get your taste buds tingling.



We see business as a force for positive change and are proud to be a certified B-Corp



Our full range of products have always been, and will always be, plant-based

carbon neutral


Committed to adding more to the planet than we take, we’re certified Carbon Negative



Passionate about produce at its purest, all our natural ingredients are organic