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Plant-powered juices to fuel your day

From our kitchen to yours, our delicious juices are made with the highest quality organic ingredients just like you’d make at home for maximum nutrition & flavour. With up to 1kg of organic produce in each bottle, these juices are packed with plant-based nutrients to fuel your day and nourish your body.

Lift Kick and Pump bottles

Why our juices?

We carefully select every ingredient to ensure that each cold-pressed juice contains the right combination of vitamins and nutrients without compromising flavour.

  • 100% organic
  • Made without any sweeteners, preservatives, or stabilisers
  • Recyclable, and recycled bottles & packaging

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Why cold-pressed?

Cold pressing involves squeezing each ingredient without the use of heat to preserve all of the nutrients, without compromising any of the taste. Maintaining the integrity of our carefully selected vegetables, for a perfect glass of smooth, nutritious juice.

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  • Boost: Essential Green Juice 500ml

    A nutrient-packed green juice with 75% vegetable content for minimal sugar and a touch of pear for a naturally sweet edge.

  • Fuel: Hard Green Juice 500ml

    Fresh green juice that packs a zesty punch.

  • Kick: Spicy Lemonade 500ml

    Fired up with cold-pressed red chili and punchy citrus, Kick Spicy Lemonade promises to be the ultimate pick-me-up.

  • Lift: Sweet Green Juice

    Naturally sweet, Lift is a light green juice with a fragrant touch of basil and citrus tang from lime.

  • Organic Chocolate Almond Butter Protein Shake 500ml

    A rich & creamy protein shake made from organic oats and almonds, flavoured with cacao, and boosted with 22g natural protein from sunflower seeds.

    From £4.00
  • Organic Vanilla Protein Shake 500ml

    A rich & creamy protein shake made from organic oats, cashews & coconut cream, flavoured with vanilla and boosted with 22g natural protein from sunflower seeds.

    From £4.00
  • Pump: Cherry Beets Juice 500ml

    Vibrant, earthy and sweet juice best for fuelling a workout.

  • Savour: Cacao Super M*lk 500ml

    With cacao, dates, cinnamon & cashew milk, this is no ordinary chocolate milk.

  • Shield: Sweet Immunity Juice 500ml

    Naturally sweet, with a subtle hint of fiery ginger to get your taste buds tingling.


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Plenish custom boxes are available as a one-off purchase or as a subscription service. Add a minimum of 6 products to a subscription box to build your favourite selection.

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    We’re proud to be certified B-Corp; working as business with a force for positive change.

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    100% VEGAN

    Our full range of products have always, and will always, be completely vegan.

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    Committed to adding more to the planet than we take, we’re officially certified Carbon Neutral.

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    Better for the world, and for you, we use the best in natural, organic ingredients.