Discover our plant-powered range of health drinks

Discover our plant-powered range of health drinks



Just 3 natural ingredients, 100% organic and completely gluten free, our M*lk is created by soaking and pressing the oats rather than using processed syrup like other brands use. Simply the best oat on the market, if we do say so ourselves.

Discover our new Oat m*lk

6lbs down after two days on the @PlenishDrinks! Final day today! Skin glowing, tummy flat and I jumped out of bed!

Rebecca, Instagram

28th June 2018

I love these juices because they’re organic, so you can rest assured that the vitamins you’re getting – in this instance, a host of B vitamins, vitamin K and magnesium – are at their optimum to provide an on-the-go energy boost

Nutritionist, Eve Kalinik, Women’s Health

22nd June 2018

At last an almond milk containing just 3 ingredients: almonds, water and sea salt. I no longer need to make my own. Perfect in porridge and muesli. Makes you wonder why other brands add junk ingredients

Ocado customer

30th April 2018