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  • Protein Cleanse - 3 Day
  • Protein Cleanse - 3 Day
  • Protein Cleanse - 3 Day
  • Protein Cleanse - 3 Day
Protein Cleanse - 3 Day
Protein Cleanse - 3 Day
Protein Cleanse - 3 Day
Protein Cleanse - 3 Day

Protein Cleanse - 3 Day

A beginners juice cleanse with the addition of protein, this 1-5 day cleanse gives you under 1000 calories per day plus 52g of protein, from 5 cold pressed juices and a m*lk protein shake. Simple and strong for your wellness journey.


Boost: Essential Green Juice 500ml


Lift: Sweet Green Juice 500ml


Shield: Sweet Immunity Juice 500ml


Pump: Berry Beets Juice 500ml


Kick: Spicy Lemonade 500ml


Oat M*lk

Our creamy, delicious and certified gluten-free Oat Milk is made with just organic oats, water and sea salt.


Vanilla Form Protein Sachet 40g



Choose the frequency and delivery day that works for you, and adjust, change, or cancel your subscription any time before your next payment.

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Product Details

954 Calories + 54g Protein


Made up of five 500ml bottles of vegetable and fruit juices per day + one Salted Caramel protein shake in partnership with Form Nutrition, which will leave you in a calorie deficit but with your protein intake. Each cleanse arrives with a manual to guide you through the process and a Plenish glass straw for smooth sipping without single-use plastic.


  • Certified organic ingredients
  • Recyclable, and 100% recycled bottles (excluding cap & label)
  • No additives or preservatives


ALLERGEN INFORMATION: All our products are produced in a facility that handles nuts and celery. Please see individual product pages for specific product information.

Each delivery comes with a Plenish glass straw to enjoy your juices mess (and plastic) free.


Per day of your cleanse:

1 x Boost: Essential Green Juice 500ml
1 x Fuel: Hard Green Juice 500ml
1 x Pump: Berry Beets Juice 500ml
1 x Shield: Sweet Immunity Juice 500ml
1 x Kick: Spicy Lemonade 500ml
1 x Oat M*lk + Form Protein sachet


Please note, contents may vary dependant on availability.

When your delivery arrives place your drinks in the fridge to keep chilled. Our juices will have a minimum of 6 days shelf life when they reach you.


Follow the schedule and when it’s time for a juice, shake it up before enjoying with your Plenish glass straw.


Natural separation can occur which is why a vigorous shake is to important, this is a good sign we’re 100% natural and don’t contain any stabilisers or additives. Our juices are to be enjoyed fresh and not suitable for freezing.

We are plant-based pioneers. As the UK’s first cleanse business, Plenish has over a decade of experience in crafting the finest cold-pressed juices. Our 100% organic, nutrient-rich, vegetable-based juices offer an easy way to reboot your health kick. 


Our juice programmes are designed to pack as much nutritious, organic fruit and vegetables as possible into your cleanse, while delivering very specific calorie counts. Each plan is made up of our immunity-supporting juices- thanks to Vitamin A + C content. So you can sip back and relax.


– 100% organic
– Delivered direct to your door
– Built on 10 years of experience

Form started with a simple belief; that you can realise the greatest version of yourself whilst being mindful of others. And that message permeates everything they do. They craft plant-based proteins for your body and responsibly-sourced nootropics for your brain. Backed by science, their products are designed with your optimal performance in mind. They believe business should be a force for good, meaning they are good for you and good for others too. Proudly B Corp, we couldn’t be happier to partner with Form for the future.

Protein is an essential part of any well-balanced, healthy eating plan and an important source of energy for everyone. Consuming protein can help keep your body functioning properly and help you maintain a healthy energy level throughout the day. Protein is essential for all women, and it’s vitally important as we age. A protein shake can have many benefits for women as it’s an easy and convenient way to help you towards your daily protein target.

Our cleanse programmes are not recommended for children, adolescents, pregnant or lactating women, elderly individuals, or those suffering from a medical condition without the advice of a healthcare professional. It is important that you maintain an adequate daily fluid intake during your cleanse programme. The cleanse must only be followed as per our advice. If you feel unwell during the cleanse, you must stop immediately and contact a healthcare professional if side-effects persist You should not consume any alcohol throughout the duration of your cleanse.

Key Features






No added sugar

No added sugar


In the lead up to your cleanse, remove any stimulants such as sugar, caffeine, alcohol and dairy to make the transition as easy as possible. We recommend doing this for 3 days prior to your first cleanse day. We also recommend clearing your calendar. Socialising can be difficult when cleansing, so pick a time with minimal temptation.

Cleanse schedule

This is a suggested plan but listen to your body and lifestyle to make it work best for you.

8am – Lift Sweet Green Juice
10am – Shield Immunity Juice
12pm – Boost Essential Greens Juice
2pm – Kick Spicy Lemonade
4pm – Pump Cherry Beets Juice
8pm – Form Nutrition Salted Caramel Protein Shake (made with Plenish Oat M*lk!)


The morning after your last cleanse day, ease yourself back into solid foods with a plant packed breakfast. You’ll feel lighter and more energised after your full cleanse, and mindfully reintroducing food groups is key to maintaining that feeling. Follow-up your cleanse with our 5:2 programme.

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