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Immunity Cleanse

Welcome! When it comes to our cleanses, you get out what we don’t put in. They’re designed to replace meals with bottles of pure and nutritious cold-pressed juices – with nothing unnatural added. They’re a reminder of how you feel when you put only good things in.

Storing your cleanse.

Don’t forget to put your juices in the fridge, they like to be kept below 5˚C to stay fresh.

Cheat Sheet

Whilst we highly recommend that you abstain from eating solid food during your cleanse, we recognise that this can be difficult, particularly if you’ve never done one before. If you’re starting to feel uncomfortable, or have some unpleasant side effects, listening to your body. Try having a hot water with lemon or a herbal tea, as this can sometimes be enough to stave off the need for solid food. If this doesn’t work for you, make some sensible choices from our recommendations below:

Drink 1/2 of your number 6 bottle and save the rest for the evening
A few slices cucumber, celery or avocado
Miso soup
A cup of leafy greens with a squeeze of lemon juice

Side effects

It’s hard to predict how you’ll feel whilst you’re cleansing because no two people are the same, but here are a few of the common side effects.

Feeling Cold

It’s surprising how much heat everyday digestion of solid food creates. Without having this work to do, your body can feel colder than normal. Drinking herbal teas throughout the day will warm you up and keep you hydrated.


If you are a committed coffee drinker, going cold turkey without caffeine can bring on headaches. Stick it out for 24 hours or have a cup of green tea (the lower levels of caffeine in green tea will help). Drink plenty of water whilst you wait for it to pass.

Feeling energised

When you’ve put only good stuff in, your body thanks you for it by feeling brighter and more energised. It’s common our cleansers want to keep this feeling going. Our 5:2 plans take the faff out of fasting, with simply delicious programmes for those who want to continue their cleanse benefits.

    Can I workout while cleansing?

    When on a 5:2 you’re working with a reduced amount of calories, you can still work our but we advise taking It easy! We’d suggest light yoga or Pilates and nothing too strenuous. 

    Can skip a juice?

    If you feel really full, drink as much of a juice as you can while listening to your body – If you can’t finish one, that’s absolutely fine! We’d suggest having some of each juice as opposed to skipping one entirely as you get different nutritional benefits from different juices.

    Can I eat on a cleanse?

    Try and work with just the juices and lots of water Inbetween each juice on your fast days to really allow your digestive system a break. If you really your body needs something to chew on, some cucumber or celery sticks won’t effect your plan too much!

    Can I drink tea and coffee on a cleanse?

    Try to avoid caffeine while cleansing. You can sometimes get cold on a juice plan so If you need something to warm up, herbal teas are the best option.

    How to recycle your cleanse bottles?

    Wash after use and follow the PET guidelines of your local recycling collection.

    Post Cleanse

    You may be surprised that what you were craving last week isn’t the first thing you are looking forward to eating. Now is the time to set the building blocks to your new foundation.

    Be Mindful

    Consider how you feel and prolonging that feeling with real whole foods, staying away from anything processed and stimulants like alcohol and caffeine.

    Introduce Solids Slowly

    Wake up your digestive system slowly, a light breakfast like chia or overnight oats will ease you back in much better than a full breakfast.

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