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Autumn Juice Cleanse

Autumn is a great time for a juice cleanse – a good reset will provide nourishment before the colder months and leave you glowing for the season. A short juice cleanse during autumn can help you give your body a welcome break from processed foods, including sugar, salt and artificial ingredients. So forget the pumpkin-spiced latte for now and opt for nutritional juices instead. During the cleanse, you will give your digestive system a rest and flood your body with nutrients from natural goodness – fruit and vegetables.

Why do a juice cleanse in autumn?

After you have completed a juice cleanse, you should find you have a boost of energy, and it will help you kickstart a healthy eating regime before the festive season. There is a delightful array of fruit and vegetables available that are in season this autumn in the U.K. Shop for seasonal ingredients and choose them to help you make your delicious juices at home. It’s also a good time to give your immune system a boost and an easy way to up your fruit and veg intake.

Or you could choose a Plenish Cleanse with ready-made juices, all made with organic ingredients and no nasties. In the colder months, it’s easy to turn to processed foods for comfort, but a short juice cleanse at this time of year can help you to continue to make healthy choices like wholesome plant foods and fresh soups.  

Which autumn fruits and vegetables can be juiced?

In the U.K., right now, you’ll find beetroot, spinach, carrots, pears, apples, cucumber, lettuce, and kale are all in season, and these can be used to form a suitable base for different autumn juices. For example:

All of these juices help to shield your body, with plenty of daily vitamin A (also known as retinol!), which not only contributes to the normal function of your immune system but helps to promote healthy skin and eyes.

How to do an autumn juice cleanse

For a simple and fuss-free way to do a juice cleanse in autumn, you can have ready-made fresh juices delivered directly to your doorstep. Plenish cleanses are designed to replace your regular meals with up to 6 bottles of juice a day for just a short period of time. For a few days leading up to your cleanse, you should cut out sugar, caffeine, alcohol and dairy to make the transition to juices as easy as possible. For autumn, you may want to try the Plenish Immunity Cleanse. It combines six organic, cold-pressed juices with the nutritional hit of vitamins and live cultures from 3 potent juice shots. Tumeric defence provides 100% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin B12, while Ginger Immunity provides 100% of your daily vitamin C. Alternatively, you could try the Energiser Cleanse, which is nut-free and has 100% focus on fruit and vegetables. Want to try making the juice cleanses yourself? Read our handy guide to juice cleansing at home.