Controls calories
Burns fat
Cuts cravings

Why 5:2

  • Weight Management
    Reducing your calories to 500kcal for 2 days a week creates a calorie deficit that aids weight loss.
  • Burning Fat
    This is because intermittent fasting increases the production of a gene (SIRT1) which helps decrease fat storage.
  • Appetite Appeal
    With intermittent fasting, you learn to listen to your body without giving in to the automatic response to eat. This helps you to tune-in to what your body really needs and when. It also means you are more likely to be satisfied with smaller portions to prevent over eating when you are full.
  • Digest + Rest
    Intermittent fasting gives your digestion a ‘mini-break’. Having a day that’s light on calories means the digestive system is not overloaded, especially with easily absorbable juices!

It's easy and it works!

"I really didn't think I would last a whole day without food, however all the juices tasted great and before I knew it was the last juice and time for bed. The next day I felt energised my stomach was considerably flatter, and I didn't even feel that hungry for breakfast!"

Why Plenish?

  • 100% Organic
    Made only using the highest quality produce, grown without the use of pesticides and naturally high in antioxidants, our juices contain everything you need and nothing you don't.
  • Highest Quality, Great Taste
    500g of organic fruits and vegetables in every bottle, blended to perfection by expert nutritionists.
  • Cold Pressed to Perfection
    Cold-pressed extraction ensures we retain every drop of goodness from our vegetables and fruits. We then preserve our juices using pressure instead of heat which protects the nutrients and means you get all the natural goodness of our organic produce in the bottle.
  • 100% Hassle Free
    We do the hard work so you don't have to - everything you need is delivered right to your door which means no calorie counting, no peeling, no chopping and no mess.
  • Sustainable
    All our ingredients are grown in a high-integrity way that supports the local environment and community. They're sent to your door in recycled and recycleable PET bottles, complete with a reusable glass straw.

Designed by expert nutritionists to maximise plant-fuelled nutrition

A Plenish 5:2 programme is the ultimate fuss free + healthy way to hit your weight goals. Just 2 days a week, over 5 weeks can have a huge impact on your health without depriving yourself or your social life. As an added incentive, we’ll give you the 5th week absolutely free!

The best way to think about it is not about what you're giving up but what you're gaining - the goodness of 6kg of raw, organic produce every week of your 5:2! That’s the equivalent of a whole lot of salads.

Certified Organic
Free delivery on all 5:2 orders

What our customers say

I was sceptical about juicing at first as I had tried and failed with a few cleanses in the past. Unlike other juice cleanses, my day flew by on the Plenish 5:2 without having to think a lot about food and I even had the energy to get in a yoga session. While the green juices are the real deal, the addition of the milky drinks ‘elevate’ and ‘savour’ really help fuel you through. Contrary to my expectation, the next morning I woke up feeling energised and full, plus I saw abdominal muscles I hadn’t seen in a while. Definitely enough motivation to plan my second day for that week.

Dilara, London

Thank you Plenish! Your quality and brand ethics are next to none and you’ve helped me get my digestion and diet back on track. You can’t put a price on your health and the planet!


I love these juices because they’re organic, so you can rest assured that the vitamins you’re getting – in this instance, a host of B vitamins, vitamin K and magnesium – are at their optimum to provide an on-the-go energy boost.

Nutritionist, Eve Kalinik, Women’s Health.
All the busy ladies, put your hands up!

Enjoy benefits of the 5:2 diet without the calorie counting. Our female 5:2 is the ultimate way to hit your happy, healthy weight goals with 503kcals of nutrient packed juice.
For guys on the go, enjoy the benefits of a 5:2 diet without the calorie counting. For 2 days a week substitute solid food with 628 calories of nutrient packed cold pressed juice to hit your goals.