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Barista Organic Oat M*lk

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Barista Organic Oat M*lk

  • Foamable

  • Heroes coffee

  • Nothing artificial

  • organic


Introducing our Barista Organic Oat m*lk. 

A deliciously creamy, plant-based m*lk that’s been perfectly crafted to pair with your preferred coffee, whether you’re after a splash or a silky micro-foam that never separates. Made only from the best organic oats, water, a touch of coconut cream and a pinch of salt, our Barista Organic Oat m*lk is the UK’s only oat barista free from added oils and additives. 


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Get the perfect coffee experience

We’ve curated a bundle that delivers on all our Plenish values.   

Teaming up with The Gentlemen Baristas, we’ve produced a delicious, truly complementary coffee blend.  

Dark and chocolatey, with notes of walnut and treacle, this blend has low acidity – perfect for our Organic Oat Barista m*lk.  

Completing the bundle is our custom Ocean Bottle Brew Flask. Each Ocean Bottle helps remove 11.4kg plastic from our oceans, equivalent to 1000 plastic bottles.   

It’s a naturally delicious coffee experience.