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Introducing Plenish Barista

Meet your new favourite barista m*lk. 

We’re about to make your morning macchiatos, show some serious love to your iced lattes and breathe life into your flat whites. Each sip will bring you a deliciously creamy texture that never separates, a silky micro-foam and flavour that truly heroes coffee.  

Fashionably late, but worth the wait – we’ve spent the last few years perfecting our barista recipes to bring you functionality without compromise.  

The creaminess.
The foam.
The flavour.
But none of the oils, gums or additives.   

In fact, we’re the UK’s only barista range free from added oils and additives.  

Our brand new oat, soya and almond barista m*lks are all made with only a few organic, 100% naturally-sourced ingredients. And never anything artificial (Because that’s not love) 

Plenish Barista. For the love of coffee. 

If you don’t believe us, this is what the experts had to say 


“Plenish’s new range of barista m*lk is a delicious, nutritionally balanced option for frothy lattes, free from harmful additives and refined oils. As two thirds of a latte is m*lk, it’s important to use a barista m*lk that doesn’t compromise on the integrity of its ingredients.”   

Katie Morley DipNT, mBANT, mANP, CNHC” 


“We’ve been blown away with functionality of the product from how it steamed, poured, how it held up and most importantly how it went with our coffee”  

The Roasting Party 

Introducing Oat Barista 

There’s everything to love about our delicious barista oat m*lk. It’s been perfectly crafted for coffee with a silky micro-foam, it’s low in fat and made with only organic, gluten-free British oats. We take only the best organic oats, blend them with water, a touch of coconut cream and a pinch of sea salt to make our delicious m*lk. 

Introducing Almond Barista 

For the plant-based purists that refuse to compromise on flavour or function. Our delicious almond barista m*lk brings the finest organic almonds and blends them to create the ultimate base for your cappuccinos and cortados. It’s low in sugar, a good source of protein and always free from oils, gums or anything artificial. 

Introducing Soya Barista 

Our barista soya m*lk is in a league of its own. It’s been perfectly crafted for all your hot drinks with a silky micro-foam and made with only a few organic ingredients. It’s naturally low in sugar, a good source of protein and blends seamlessly with coffee.