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A Beginner's Guide to Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are vital for optimal health. Specifically, our body needs a combination of fat-soluble vitamins, water-soluble vitamins and minerals to function optimally. From strengthening our immune system to keeping our energy levels high and promoting radiant skin, these small but mighty micronutrients play a fundamental role.

Read on to learn more about their benefits and simple ways to incorporate them into your daily routine.

Understanding Fat-Soluble Vitamins

Nourishing Your Body with Vitamin A for Beauty and Immunity  

Vitamin A works wonders for the health of our eyes, skin, teeth, as well as keeping your immunity in tip-top shape. You can find it in dark leafy greens and vegetables such as carrots, spinach, and kale. An easy way to up your intake of Vitamin A daily is with green juices such as Plenish Boost, Pump, Shield, Fuel, Lift, or Rise all containing this nourishing vitamin. 

Strengthening Your Immune System with Vitamin D

Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, strengthens our immune system and aids the absorption of calcium and phosphorus for healthy bones. Sources include natural sunlight, sunflower seeds, mushrooms, and chlorella. Enhance your intake with Plenish Boost, enriched with magnesium to enhance the absorption of Vitamin D. 

Supporting Your Body with Vitamin E  

Vitamin E acts as a supportive shield, protecting against premature ageing and enhancing heart health. Readily available in dark green leafy veggies, legumes, almonds, unrefined grains, and seeds. Try Plenish Boost, Fuel, Rise, or Lift to increase your intake.

Building Stronger Bones with Vitamin K 

Vitamin K1 supports blood clotting, found in dark leafy greens, chlorella, beans, sauerkraut, and soybeans. Vitamin K2 supports strong bones, fights inflammation, and aids blood sugar balance, found in fermented foods like sauerkraut and natto. Plenish Boost, Fuel, Rise or Lift deliver a vitamin K1-boost in a bottle thanks to a blend of spinach, kale and romaine lettuce. 

 Understanding Water-Soluble Vitamins

 Energising Your Body with B-Complex Vitamins 

B vitamins offer a myriad of benefits from boosting energy and supporting nerve health (B1, B2) to facilitating digestion and cardiovascular health (B3, B5). You can get them from wholegrains, pulses and beans, nuts (walnuts, almonds and peanuts), sunflower seeds, fruits (bananas and oranges) and green leafy vegetables. Get the real deal with Plenish Turmeric Defence which has 100% of your daily recommended intake of B12 with in every bottle. 

Get Glowing Skin with Vitamin C  

Vitamin C is an all-rounder, essential for collagen synthesis (hello, glowing skin!), hormonal balance, heart health, and a strong immune system. Find it in all fresh raw fruit and vegetables such as bell peppers, oranges, kiwi, mango, papaya, pineapple, strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, kale, broccoli, chilli and parsley. Plenish’s Ginger Immunity Juice shot provides 100% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin C, and Plenish Boost, Shield, Fuel, Lift, and Rise are also rich in vitamin C. 

Understanding Minerals  

Powering Up Muscle Function with Potassium

Potassium helps our nerves and muscles function properly and also works to balance our blood sugar through the release of insulin. Dark leafy greens, carrots, avocados, watermelon and bananas provide abundant amounts of potassium. Easily plenish your potassium levels on-the-go with Boost, Fuel, and Lift. 

Managing Stress with Magnesium  

Magnesium is essential for healthy muscles and nerves, blood pressure, cholesterol, and energy metabolism. It also helps with stress relief and promotes a sense of calm. It is widely found in plant foods such as dark leafy greens, nuts, seeds, legumes and wholegrains. Try Plenish Boost to increase your levels of this stress-busting mineral. 

Improving Wound Healing with Manganese 

 Manganese keeps bones and cartilage healthy and aids collagen formation for faster wound healing. Get it from dark green leafy veggies, tea, nuts, whole grains, beans and pulses and fruit (pineapple and açai). Boost your manganese intake on-the-go with Plenish Fuel.

In a nutshell, vitamins and minerals are vital for your health. Enjoy a variety of foods to meet your daily requirements and try adding Plenish juices and shots for an added nutrient boost. Your body will thank you! 

Author: Katie Morley



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