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Should I do a Juice Cleanse Before my Wedding?

Are you thinking about doing a juice cleanse before your wedding? You may already have found the perfect dress, venue, cake, music and hopefully partner, but can a pre-wedding juice cleanse help you on the path to getting wedding ready? A juice cleanse can give you the perfect little pick-me-up in the lead-up to your big day. It can help to provide a big burst of energy and lovely glowing skin ready for your nuptials. 

Read on to discover all of the plus points of a bridal juice cleanse and everything you need to know about juice cleansing, including when is the best time to do it before your big day and how to start a wedding juice cleanse. It’s just one of a few changes you can make now to help you look and feel your healthiest during this special time.

How long before your wedding should you cleanse?

The week of the wedding is probably not a good idea to try a juice cleanse as it’s best to do the cleanse itself when you have a relatively clear social diary and have time to relax and take care of yourself. You’ll also want to eat healthily post-cleanse to maintain that burst of energy the juice cleanse gives you in the lead-up to your big day. You could try a short juice cleanse in the week before your wedding week to get all the benefits in time. During the cleanse itself, you might experience a few side effects such as feeling cold, tired or feeling the effects of caffeine withdrawal. Most people report feeling a big hit of energy toward the end of their cleanse as a benefit of all the nutrients they have packed in. The Plenish 48-hour cleanse is a great choice in the week before your wedding.

If you want to look and feel your best for the main event, as lots of brides do – one alternative is to try a cleanse months before your celebration and repeat it nearer your wedding date. A cleanse can act as a great kickstart to an overall healthy eating plan if you want to choose a healthier lifestyle as part of your wedding prep, and the juices you consume can aid your digestion and improve your gut health. When you juice, it can help you adopt longer-term healthier lifestyle habits such as reducing caffeine, junk food and alcohol consumption, staying hydrated and getting plenty of protein and fibre.

You can try juicing as part of a 5:2 programme in the lead-up to your wedding. So for two days a week, you drink six organic cold-pressed juices at a calorie total of 500 instead of your normal meals. On the other days, you can create your own delicious and wholesome mix of smoothies, soups, salads and healthy meals. 

Will I be low on energy if I try a wedding juice cleanse?

You might feel tired on the first day of a cleanse, but a juice cleanse is really designed to pack in lots of good nutrients from natural fruit and vegetables, so essentially, you’re just giving your body lots of good stuff. The cold-pressing process extracts even the smallest enzymes, phytonutrients and vitamins during the juicing pressing process. Many Plenish customers who try doing a juice cleanse often report sleeping better throughout it. They also say they feel energy post-cleanse since each juice is packed with fruit, veg and nutrients. 

What are the Benefits of a Pre-Wedding Juice Cleanse

As well as giving you a big energy boost and helping you sleep soundly – there are many other benefits. Glowing skin is a big one for brides who hope to keep their complexion clear. If you include lots of fruit and vegetables in your diet, along with a healthy dose of vitamin C, it can help to bring a natural radiance and luminosity to your skin. It’s easier to pack in more fruit and vegetables in a ready-prepared juice which is also convenient for busy brides who have a ton of other things to think about in the lead-up to their wedding. Wedding dress fitting coming up? A pre-wedding cleanse can also help banish a bloated tummy, as you will be drinking lots of water and juice to stay hydrated during the cleanse. 

Which juice cleanse is best before a wedding?

It’s important to ensure that your juice cleanse is balanced to get enough calories and nutrients. A pre-prepared juice cleanse can be easier for busy brides because preparing your own juice cleanse at home can take more planning and prep time. You would also need access to a good juicer. If you opt for a ready-made juice cleanse with Plenish, it’s super simple as your juices are delivered to your doorstep, ready to store in the fridge and drink. Your juices should include vegetables predominantly to reduce the sugar content. We recommend the Plenish 48-hour cleanse for a short burst of goodness in the week prior to your wedding. You can enjoy 8 250ml drinks per day, which delivers 800 calories of cold-pressed goodness. One of the drinks is Plenish Savour, creamy cashew and cacao milk made with cacao and maca. It helps to provide some protein and calorie content. Alternatively, if you’ve got longer until your wedding, you could try the 5:2 cleanse. So for two days each week, you swap normal meals for six organic, cold-pressed juices coming in at a calorie total of 500. Then eat a usual healthy diet for the remaining five days of the week. 

Ready for a clean start before you get hitched? It’s a delicious way to kickstart your health kick. Find out more about all of our Plenish juice cleanses.