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Can you do a juice cleanse at home?

Are you wondering how you do an at home juice cleanse? A juice cleanse can be a good way to kickstart a healthier lifestyle, and it is possible to create a juice cleanse from your own home. In this article, we’ll explore how you do a juice cleanse at home by making your own juices with links to our favourite recipes or how to do an easy juice cleanse at home by ordering Plenish juices which are made with sustainably-sourced organic produce and no additives.   

Doing a juice cleanse at home

Getting Started

There’s a few things you need to do to prepare before starting a juice cleanse at home if you plan to make your own juices from scratch. Here’s a few hints and tips for getting started:

  • Get a juicer

When you do a juice cleanse at home there are a couple of things that you need aside from your juice ingredients. Ideally, you’ll need to invest in a juicer. The juicing process extracts the nutrients from the vegetables and fruits you use in your recipe. Juicing removes fibre, making the juice easy to digest. When you use a juicer, you’ll notice that you leave the pulp of the fruit and vegetables behind – unlike when using a blender where it’s all blended together. You could use a blender, but afterwards, you would need to strain through a nut milk bag or muslin cloth to remove the pulp.

  • Reduce your caffeine intake and eat healthily prior to your cleanse

Prior to any juice cleanse, we recommend reducing your intake of caffeine to reduce the intensity of any withdrawal symptoms, and for a few days before you cleanse load up your diet with natural foods and eliminate junk. This will make the cleanse more comfortable.

  • Consult your GP

You should always check in with your GP before starting a juice cleanse programme or for any significant changes in dietary intake. Juicing is not recommended for those who are pregnant, those that suffer from an eating disorder or those that have a compromised immune system.

How to do a Juice Cleanse at Home

  • Plan your goals and your recipes

Think about how long you are planning to juice for and decide if your whole day will be juice-based or if you will be incorporating any meals. On the Plenish 3 day cleanse, each day consists of juices, but with a nut milk based drink to up the calorie and protein intake for the day to provide a balanced diet. It’s not advisable to stay on a juice cleanse that replaces meals for a prolonged time as you will miss out on vital nutrients and protein in your diet. If you haven’t ever cleansed before, you might want to start with a 1, 2 or 3 day cleanse initially. We also recommend making your juices a day ahead and storing them. Discover some of our favourite juice recipes.

  • Shop for produce or get a local fruit and veg delivery

We highly recommend that you choose organic produce which will be grown without the use of pesticides. You may be able to pick up fruit and veg grown without pesticides at your local farmers’ market or via a local fruit and veg delivery company. You’ll need a lot of fruit and veg. Juices from Plenish contain up to 1kg of veg and fruit. 

  • Your Juice Schedule

The following works for a juice cleansing schedule:

  1. Start the day with hot water and lemon
  2. Green Based Juice
  3. Fruit & Veg Juice
  4. Green Based Juice
  5. Root Juice
  6. Spicy Lemonade
  7. Nut Milk (Ideally at least 2 hours before bedtime)

You can also drink water and herbal tea throughout the day. Here are three of our favourite juice recipes and 3 of our favourite immunity-boosting juices. 

What not do to during a juice cleanse at home

  1. Don’t forget to keep it clean – wash all of your fruit and veg thoroughly before juicing.
  2. Make sure you have enough veg and fruit at home to make all of your juices for the day ahead.
  3. Don’t forget to prep some of your fruits and veg before juicing. While many can be juiced whole, it’s best to top carrots, beetroots and strawberries, peel pineapples, kiwis and melons, etc. You’ll also need to remove the stones, pips and rinds from fruits. 
  4. Don’t forget to store your juice in the fridge carefully in an airtight container and ideally for no longer than 24 hours to avoid any bacteria. 
  5. Don’t consume caffeine or alcohol.
  6. Try not to have a busy social diary. The cleanse will be easier if you can relax and don’t have too many temptations.

Easy Juice Cleanse at Home

If you’re worried that you haven’t got time to plan, order and prep all of your juices for a cleanse at home, give the Plenish Beginner Cleanse a try. When you only put good things in, you can put a spring in your step and feel good. We go all out to put the best in. You’ll get four cold-pressed juices, one spicy lemonade and one chocolate nut milk per day, all made with 100% organic vegetables and fruit. All delivered directly to your doorstep. What could be simpler?

Ready to give juicing a try? Find out more about the benefits of juice cleansing.