Restore your health
Supercharge your life
Feel your best, inside and out.

Why Cleanse?

  • Weight Loss
    Hit your weight goals with a nutrient rich, low calorie plan.
  • Detox
    Feeding you with antioxidants and giving your system a break from unhealthy foods leaves your body rejuvenated and refreshed.
  • Energy
    Packed with nature's most powerful superfoods, our nutrient-dense juices are a great way to boost energy levels.
  • Fresh Start
    In just a few days you can wipe the slate clean and build healthy new habits that leave you feeling your best, inside and out.

It's easy and it works!

"I really didn't think I would last a whole day without food, however all the juices tasted great and before I knew it was the last juice and time for bed. The next day I felt energised, my stomach was considerably flatter, and I didn't even feel that hungry for breakfast!"

Why Plenish?

  • 100% Organic
    Made only using the highest quality produce, grown without the use of pesticides and naturally high in antioxidants, our juices contain everything you need and nothing you don't.
  • Highest Quality, Great Taste
    1kg of organic fruits and vegetables in every bottle, blended to perfection by expert nutritionists.
  • Cold-Pressed to Perfection
    Cold-pressed extraction ensures we retain every drop of goodness from our vegetables and fruits. We then preserve our juices using pressure instead of heat which protects the nutrients and means you get all the natural goodness of our organic produce in the bottle.
  • 100% Hassle Free
    We do the hard work so you don't have to - everything you need is delivered right to your door with no peeling, no chopping and no mess. With a Plenish cleanse you'll be drinking 3 litres of juice throughout the day, meaning you'll never have an empty stomach.
  • Sustainable
    All our ingredients are grown in a high-integrity way that supports the local environment and community. They're sent to your door in recycled and recycleable PET bottles, complete with a reusable glass straw.

Designed by expert nutritionists to maximise plant-fuelled nutrition

A cleanse is a great way to rest and restart your system in a short period of time. In 3-5 days you can have a huge impact on your health without needing to deprive yourself for months on end.

A cleanse lasts a short amount of time but has long-term benefits for you body. The best way to think about it is not about what you're giving up but what you're gaining - the goodness of 6kg of raw, organic produce every single day! When else would you get that much?

Certified Organic
Free standard delivery on all orders

What our customers say

One of the best juice cleanses to kickstart the new year

6lbs down after two days on the @PlenishDrinks! Final day today! Skin glowing, tummy flat and I jumped out of bed!

Rebecca, Tunbridge Wells

London’s best juice cleanse

By far the best cleanse I have ever tried. Having done cheaper ones before that left me feeling hungry, this felt like I was actually feeding my body with nutrients. By the end my skin was glowing, and my body felt healthier and much slimmer. I didn’t want it to end and will definitely do again soon!

Amy, Bristol

DAY THREE: I wake up naturally and feeling fantastic! Not hungry or depleted. I really don’t want this to end!

Customer reviews
Excellent - 4.79/5
Best for first-timers
The Beginner
Level 1 cleanse
A gentle detox to support liver health + give your digestive system a break.
The Intermediate
Level 2 cleanse
A medium level detox to boost energy + improve skin health
The Pro
Level 3 cleanse
The deepest detox designed for weight loss + psychological performance
Limited Edition
The Soup Cleanse
Warming and nutrient-dense, the winter cleanse combines organic cold-pressed juices, a probiotic juice shot, two flavour-filled soups and two cleansing herbal teas each day to keep you running on plenty through the chilly winter season.