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3 Immunity Boosting Juice Recipes for Spring

Are you looking for a juice to boost your immune system this spring? These three immunity-boosting juice recipes will give you a natural vitamin hit. Keeping up a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals can ward off viruses like colds and flu – and help keep your energy up.  To start your day with a refreshing juice boost, you’ll need a juicer and a measuring cup for all of your ingredients. Most fruits and veg can be juiced whole, but some require a little prep.

1. Shield: Sweet Immunity Juice

This homemade recipe is based on our Sweet Immunity Juice. This juice is packed with oranges and lemons, which are full of Vitamin C, which is well known for its immunity-supporting benefits. The fiery ginger has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s also full of carrots which get their orange colour from beta-carotene.  Your body can convert beta-carotene into Vitamin A to support the immune system. 


5 carrots
Juice of three oranges
Juice of half a lemon (skin and pith removed)
One-inch piece of ginger

2. Ginger Immunity Shot 

Plenish Ginger Immunity Shots have 100% of your recommended daily Vitamin C. Here’s a version you can make at home. The recipe combines fiery ginger, sweet apple and sour acerola cherry to make a zesty juice shot that packs a punch.


1/4 of a chopped apple,
5-inch piece of fresh root ginger
½ lemon (skin and pith removed)
A splash of apple cider vinegar
Acerola cherry powder

3. Plenish Lift: Sweet Green Juice

This green juice is perfect for newbies. It has a high vegetable content, but it’s balanced with pear and cucumber for a delicate taste. It’s 100% organic and contains over 75% of your daily recommended Vitamin A and C, which support the normal function of the immune system. It’s also a source of folic acid, which supports red blood cell production. This fresh-tasting juice is a DIY version of one of our most popular green juices. 


1 and a half pears (stalk removed)
1 cucumber (topped and tailed, skin on)
½ head of romaine lettuce
1 cup of spinach
1 cup of kale
½ cup of basil
4 florets of broccoli
Juice of half a lime (pith and rind removed)

Each of these juices are packed with immunity-boosting nutrients to aid your bodies natural defences. If you haven’t time to make these at home, you could try ordering one of our immunity-boosting packs. Our immunity-boosting weekly defence pack contains seven 250ml juices and seven juice shots, one juice and one shot every day for one week. Try our immunity-boosting cleanse to supercharge your system for an even bigger boost. There are six juices and three high-impact juice shots per day you cleanse.