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Wake up With Plenish

When you wake up with Plenish, you know it’s all good. 

Our plant-based m*lks, juices, shots are all made with the promise that no additives, preservatives or flavourings have gone into them. No corners cut, no ingredients with funny names. If you see Plenish on the label, you know that you’ll only find natural plant-based ingredients inside. 
So have a vitamin-packed ginger shot, splash delicious m*lk in your cereal or grab a foam-topped flat white on your commute trusting that when you wake up with Plenish, you know it’s all good. 


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Organic juices cold-pressed to perfection

At Plenish, we go all out to put the best in. So our juices contain nothing but the finest organic produce, cold-pressed and bottled.  Because we use only the finest organic ingredients straight from the plant, we don’t need additives, flavourings or concentrates. Our juices are fruit and veg – pure and simple – cold-pressed to release all of their natural goodness.

Deliciously foamy barista m*lks free from additives

Fashionably late but worth the wait, we’ve spent the last few years perfecting our barista recipes to bring you functionality without compromise. The creaminess. The foam. The flavour. But none of the oils, the gums or additives.  

 The UK’s only barista range free from oils and additives. 

A daily dose of goodness in every shot

Our little shots punch way above their weight. Packed with fresh, cold-pressed ingredients and combining potent natural superfoods with 100% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C, B12 or millions of live cultures.

Naturally delicious plant based m*lks

At Plenish, we love doing less with our ingredients. We don’t sweeten them, we don’t add oil or gums and we don’t add flavourings. When you focus on finding the perfect produce, you really don’t need to add much to make a delicious drink. Our plant milks are made with only the finest organic ingredients, blended with water and a pinch of salt.