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My Day on a Plate with Sophie Stanbury

Sophie Stanbury is an English Interior Designer and television personality well known for her appearance on the television programme Ladies of London. Sophie is enthusiastic about wellness and good health and regularly takes part in yoga and pilates. She ensures that eating healthily is a priority too. Sophie is keen to stick to the same healthy eating principles regardless of how busy her schedule is. Read on to discover her daily food diary.


“I love to start the day with overnight oats with grated apple and cinnamon or poached apple in cinnamon with a dollop of coconut yoghurt. Apples are a great way to start the day as they are full of pectin, which is good in so many ways. I always follow this up with a Plenish ginger shot as it improves my digestion and gives me a quick energy boost. I try and drink at least a litre of water before lunchtime and get my water intake done at the beginning of the day.”



“If I’m at home, I love a tofu salad with some chopped chillies, I tend to use whatever is in the fridge, really, but it’s always a protein with salad. I often have a green juice or a smoothie, too, as it helps me pack in extra veggies during the day. If I’m out and on the go, I try to pop into a salad bar and grab something similar. I love Good Life Eatery, Poke the Bear and Juice Baby on the King’s Road, which is normally where I end up if I’m out.”



My absolute favourite is roasted cauliflower and some leafy green vegetables. When cooking for the family, I love making veggie burgers with coriander and chilli on a bed of pureed butternut squash. I love all vegetables – roasted, steamed, baked, but I try to avoid starchy vegetables like potatoes as I prefer green beans, spinach, pak choi and vegetables. I eat as many vegetables as I can as they make me feel great. For dessert, I love winding down with my favourite Plenish Savour Juice. It’s chocolate-y, creamy and full of plant-powered goodness for a healthy treat.”


My Healthy Hacks

“I try to leave five hours between each meal, and I don’t usually eat after 8.30 pm unless I’m going out for dinner.”

“Two days per week, I have cheat days. I love a good Sunday Roast and a curry and a glass of wine on a Friday night, but I try and go back to my healthy way of eating by Monday as it makes me feel great and full of energy.”

“If I have overindulged at the weekend, I enjoy starting the week with a Plenish Juice Cleanse to rest and reset my system.”

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