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How to improve your gut health


To celebrate gut health month, we’re joined by our Senior National Account Manager and qualified Yoga Teacher, Claire.

Read on to discover her thoughts on gut health, driven by her passion for all things health, wellness, and Ayurveda.



What does gut health mean to you?

I’ve come to understand that we have three brains: one in our head, one in our heart, and one in our stomach. So, for me, gut health is like an intuitive approach. It’s about ensuring that we feed our gut the right things.



How do you personally take care of your gut health?

Well, I focus on incorporating lots of fermented foods into my diet. Kombucha, in particular, works wonders for me. I also pay attention to the foods that align well with my body. For example, I know that spicy foods don’t agree with me, so I make sure to avoid them. It’s all about being aware of what suits your body and making conscious choices. I find that consuming live cultures, like those found in kombucha and our Berry Gut Health shot, supports digestion by introducing helpful bacteria that aid in absorption and maintain a balanced gut flora. I like to think of it as tending to a garden and fertilizing it.



The similarities between Ayurveda and gut health

Ayurveda is an ancient wisdom that has been around for centuries. It’s all about finding what resonates with your well-being and finding balance, which relates to gut health, as it’s all about achieving balance and harmony. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. At Plenish, we offer the Berry Gut Health Shot, Happy Gut Cleanse, & Gut Health +Juice Plan allowing individuals to make conscious choices for their balanced routines. I view cleanses as a way to provide a clean slate for my digestion.



What’s your favourite Plenish product and why?

I absolutely adore our new +Juice Plans, I love the variety of fruits and vegetables and it’s an easy way of incorporating extra fibre and essential nutrients. I see it as a way to support my body’s healthy functioning. When my system is in good shape, I can enjoy a pizza or any other food I like that are not considered as ‘healthy’ without the bloated feeling or fatigue afterwards. It’s all about maintaining a consistent approach, like having a daily Rise juice with 10g of fibre, accompanied by a gut health shot. This helps keep my system moving, allowing me to enjoy a balanced diet and a great way to incorporate variation which is super important for a happy gut!



Morning routine for gut health

In the morning, I kickstart my digestion with a berry gut health shot and a cup of chai tea or matcha with Plenish Oat Milk. I wait a bit before eating anything and make sure to stay hydrated with water. For breakfast, I often have oats with Plenish cashew milk, chia seeds, and spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg or ground ginger which also aids the digestive process + flavor with Maple syrup for sweetness. I will also aim to incorporate some level of movement before I start my working day.

A typical lunch for me would be avocado on toast, adding some nuts and seeds. Throughout the day, I make sure to drink plenty of herbal tea, water, or a juice shot and I tend to avoid caffeine after 1pm.

For dinner, I enjoy dishes which are warm and nourishing.  Roasted root vegetables such as sweet potato or butternut squash in a dhal or with different toppings. In the summer months, a warm salad with griddled peach, halloumi and courgette layered over Puy lentils sprinkled with some mixed seeds and salad leaves is also a go to (and super easy to make!) .



Consistency is key

I believe that consistency is key. Incorporating a healthy food or drink that you love into your daily routine can set you up for success. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be perfect. Start with small habits and build from there. Adding a morning routine can be a great way to begin. Remember, balance and harmony are at the core of gut health.

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