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5 of Our Favourite Vegan Food Blogs to follow in 2021

Over at Plenish HQ, we’re always looking for new recipes to try and food photography to drool over. In the UK, we are lucky to have so many talented Instagrammers and bloggers that give us culinary inspiration. The below list is definitely not exhaustive, but we’ve rounded up some of our favourite UK bloggers that prove vegan food is definitively not dull. We felt that it was only fitting to share, so here are some of our favourites. (Just be warned, when you head over to these blogs, you might find yourself insanely hungry.) 


The Bosh blog has been a favourite over at Plenish HQ for a while now. This duo brings a massive dose of plant-powered enthusiasm to whatever they do, and over on their blog, you’ll find a whole realm of recipes that are anything but boring. The pair have been busy inspiring others to try plant-based food and demonstrate just how easy it can be to make plant-based meals. Their new book is all about making super speedy plant-based dishes, and you’ll find a video showing you how to make 5 vegan meals in under 25 minutes on their site. Check out this incredibly simple recipe for Shirley’s Sheffield Scone’s (Shirley is Ian’s mum), and you’ll see why they are on our hotlist. (And compliments to Ian’s mum.)


Rachel Ama

Rachel’s blog is full of bright, colourful and vibrant vegan food recipes that are bursting with flavour. Her focus is on making vegan food part of everyday life and sharing recipes that are super easy to follow, and have a list of simple ingredients like these quick Vegan Hazelnut Chocolate Crepes made using plant milk and plain white flour. Head on over for a read – it’s a feast for the eyes. 


Avant Garde Vegan

Gaz Oakley is a classically trained chef from Cardiff who was inspired to go vegan after listening to American animal rights activist Gary Yourofsky. Over on Gaz’s blog, you’ll find some seriously scrummy eats. Check it out for mouthwatering recipes for pasta, burgers, small plates and vegan versions of Welsh favourites like his Welsh rarebit. The Cinnamon Spiced Apple Doughnuts made with plant milk have literally left us salivating. 


We are So Vegan

Roxy and Ben started this blog back in 2016 to inspire people to make more plant-based meals, and now their videos have been seen by millions of people. They have a lot of one-pot meal recipes and what’s not to like about that. (No waste and less washing up). In their new book, they share 80 one-pot meal recipes. Head on over to the blog to check out those one-pot meals and much more. One of our favourites is this recipe for Avocado and Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Lollies. We’re not lying when we say we could happily eat at least one of these per day this summer. 


Max La Manna

Max is on a journey to eliminate food waste, and he has been zero waste for the last three years. He is also the award-winning author of the UK’s most sustainable cookbook. Over on his blog, he shares some valuable tips on how we can all make a few smaller changes to the way we cook and eat to live more sustainably. The blog also features several recipes. We love these Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroons made with plant milk and Aquafaba, AKA Chickpea water. Head on over to his blog if you want to make a positive change to help conserve some of the Earth’s most valuable resources. 

There are so many other brilliant vegan bloggers we could add to this list, and it was hard to choose those we have included. Have you got a favourite vegan blogger you want to share with us and others? Head on over to Instagram and use #plenish to share your 5 favourites.