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Why drink plant-based milk?

Healthy You

Our organic plant-based M*lks are designed to be as pure and natural as possible. They contain up to 95% less sugar, 90% less saturated fat and 30% fewer calories than semi-skimmed dairy milk.

Healthy Planet

Animal agriculture is the single biggest contributor to green house gas emissions in the world – more than all transportation put together. Our M*lks produce up to 70% fewer emissions than dairy, helping you cut your carbon footprint.

Happy Animals

No animals are harmed in the making of our M*lks. All our produce is sourced sustainably from organic growers who seek to preserve the ecosystem in which they work, growing without the use of harmful pesticides.

5 Star Reviews!

“I’ve tried almost all vegan milk alternatives, and this one is definitely the best. Wonderful creamy, fresh taste and clean ingredients. No oils or anything nasty added. Worth every penny!”


Why Plenish Dairy-Free Milk Alternatives?


All our M*lks are made with sustainably-sourced nuts, oats and soya that are grown without the use of harmful pesticides. That means they’re better for the soil, the farmers and you.

More nuts

Our M*lks are made with up to 6 times as many nuts as our competitors.

No additives

Unlike most brands, we don’t uses oils or gums in our products, ensuring you get great taste without the compromise.

Less sugar

All our products are unsweetened and contain only natural sugars. Most have so little sugar that they are considered ‘sugar free’. Our Oat M*lk contains 70% less sugar than Oatly.

Great taste

Because we use more nuts than most, all high quality organic ingredients and no fillers - all our M*lks taste like they’re supposed to! That’s why all our original M*lks have been awarded Great Taste awards and a host of 5 star reviews on our retailer’s websites.

Environmentally friendly

We’re conducting a full Life Cycle Analysis of all our M*lks to understand their environmental impact from farm to you. Our Almond M*lk, for example, produces 70% fewer carbon emissions than dairy and uses 9.7L of water compared to dairy’s staggering 628L.

Long Life

All our 1 litre cartons have long life and can be stored in the cupboard before they're opened - perfect for stocking up!

The only organic, dairy-free milk alternative made from 3 natural ingredients

Our Original Plant-Based Milk Range

Our original range of M*lks are designed to be the purest plant-based M*lks around. They are all certified organic and made with just a handful of natural ingredients and no additives like oils or gums. If you’re looking for pure M*lk with a naturally nutty (or oaty) flavour then look no further!

My favourite of the bunch is Plenish Cashew. Out of all of them, this has the best texture. It's really, really creamy. If you like milk, this is for you.

ITV This Morning Milk Review

August, 2019

The best almond milk!

I will never buy another brand, I've been using this for over 8 months now and I've never found anything to compare to the taste plus the fact that it's organic and only has three whole food ingredients is amazing!

Ocado Customer Review

April, 2019

The best I've found. Nothing else comes close. Clean tasting, no nasty oily aftertaste.

Sainsbury's Customer Review

June, 2018

I've tried almost all vegan milk alternatives, and this one is definitely the best. Wonderful creamy, fresh taste and clean ingredients. No oils or anything nasty added. Worth every penny!

Ocado Customer Review

April, 2019

This is, by far, the best non-dairy milk on the market, at the moment. I would be seriously upset if Waitrose stopped stocking this product! I have already recommended to many people and they now buy it too.

Waitrose Customer Review

August, 2017

The best almond milk!

Olive Magazine

August, 2018

Cheaper milks tend to contain only one to two percent almond, bulking the rest out with thickeners. If you’re after a simpler recipe, check out Plenish which only uses three ingredients


July, 2018

It uses just three organic ingredients, which is better for you and the environment

The Independent

August, 2018

The best for taking it back to basics

BBC Good Food

January, 2019

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4.74/5 (Excellent)
from 399 customer reviews