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5 of Our Favourite Chefs and their Plant-Based Summer Recipes

Dinner parties are back on the menu, and where better to look for menu ideas than some of the UK’s best chefs? Here a list of just a few of our favourite chefs and their plant-based summer recipe ideas. If you aren’t sure that your culinary skills are entirely up to it, make a restaurant reservation instead, but hurry as bookings are filling up quickly now that venues either have or are about to open.

Alex Gauthier 

French Chef Alexis Pascal Gauthier was awarded a Michelin star in 2011. He is vegan and has recently created a 100% plant-based menu at his restaurant Gauthier Soho. The restaurant is set to reopen on the 23rd June 2021, so hurry and get booked if you want to sample the delicious vegan tasting menu. Here he offers vegan fine dining, and the restaurant has been known to have been visited by Stella McCartney and Benedict Cumberbatch. The talented French Chef has also opened 123V, a vegan cafeteria based at Fenwick, Bond Street. We particularly like the sound of the ‘Love Simon’ Tres Leches. A beautiful sponge cake made with almond, oat and coconut milk along with fresh mango and lime. Want to book a table? Head on over to Gauthier Soho or 123V.


Kirk Haworth

Kirk Haworth has grown up in the industry is the son of chef Nigel Haworth. Kirk was the first plant-based chef to compete on the Great British Menu, and he has worked in many Michelin starred restaurants. In 2016 he was diagnosed with Lyme disease, which led him to explore plant-based food. He’s now the Executive Chef and Owner of ‘Plates’ in London, which really demonstrates that plant-based dining can be exciting and flavourful.  The menu doesn’t include gluten, sugar, meat, fish or dairy – they lift plant-based food to a standard worthy of a Michelin-trained chef. We’re in awe of this Breakfast Chia and Raspberry Trifle made with Coconut Milk


Andrea Waters 

Andrea is a vegan, raw food chef, and she is currently Creative Director and Executive Chef at Redemption, an all-vegan, sugar-free, wheat-free and alcohol-free restaurant in Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden. Andrea is passionately interested in nutrition, and the ethos of Redemption is all about eating food that is good for you, the planet and animals. She also co-authored the Redemption Alcohol-Free Cocktail Bar with Benefits book with her business partner Catherine Salway. Over at Plenish HQ, we’re pretty partial to these Sweetcorn Pancakes with Guacamole – the perfect Saturday brunch. Want to book a table? Head on over to Redemption


Richard Buckley

Richard Buckley is both the head chef and owner of one of Britain’s Top Vegan Restaurants, ‘Acorn’, and he has also opened another restaurant, ‘Oak’. His Acorn restaurant was the first vegan restaurant to achieve recognition in the Michelin Guide. You won’t find meat substitutes on his menu as he believes in making plants and vegetables the plate’s centrepiece. He has also released a recipe book called ‘Plants Taste Better’ where you can find over 70 of his plant-based recipes.  Visit Acorn to book a London Supper Club or make a reservation at Oak. 


Omari McQueen

Omari is a young entrepreneur, and one of the reasons he features on our list is that he is also Britain’s Youngest TV Chef. Omari is vegan and has his own show, “What’s Cooking Omari”?, on CBBC. Having just turned 13 years old, he has already had a pop-up restaurant, ‘Dipalicious’ in BoxPark, a line of dips and snacks, and has released recently released a cookbook Omari McQueens Best Bites. The recipes are perfect crowd-pleasers for family dinners. The book shares a recipe for Rocky Road made with plant milk, vegan marshmallows, and vegan chocolate that is hard for both small and big people to resist. He is spreading his passion for vegan cooking to others and teaches other children to cook with plants. Every Tuesday on Instagram, he shares a top tip on the health benefits of different ingredients. Check out his YouTube channel for a quick morning Papaya and Banana Smoothie

We hope this has inspired you to support plant-based chefs by making a reservation in one of their restaurants, trying out one of their recipes or ordering a book. These are just some of our favourite plant-based chefs, and there are many more to add to the list. Do you have any favourite plant-based chefs you’d love us to feature in the future? Head on over to Instagram, tag us and include #plenish. 


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