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Why you're always tired & how to elevate your energy

Having optimal energy levels is crucial for both well-being and productivity. By incorporating simple energy-boosting habits into our daily routines, we can significantly improve how we feel throughout the day. Whether it’s making smart food choices, staying properly hydrated or engaging in regular movement, discover how you can regain your energy and be at your best to tackle anything that comes your way. 


1. Fill your nutrient gaps, specifically vitamin B12 

Vitamins and minerals are vital for sustaining your energy levels. Among them, B-vitamins such as B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B6, B9 (folate), and B12 play a crucial role in converting food into energy. B12, in particular, is well-known for its ability to boost energy, and our Turmeric Defence Juice Shot provides 100% of your daily recommended intake of this essential vitamin. 

2. Stay on top of your hydration levels 

Not drinking enough water can lead to fatigue and result in low energy. Make sure you stay properly hydrated all day to keep your energy levels up. For an extra energy boost to complement your daily hydration, try out our organic, cold-pressed juices. They’re packed with the nutrients your body needs for sustained, long-lasting energy.  

3. Prioritise complex carbohydrates instead of refined sugars 

Choose complex carbohydrates like brown rice, quinoa and oats instead of refined sugars. Complex carbs provide slow-releasing energy throughout the day and are packed with fibre and B-vitamins, which helps to regulate your digestive system, making you feel less sluggish and full of sustained energy. 

 4. Incorporate regular daily movement 

Movement is key for boosting energy due to enhancing your blood circulation and triggering the release of feel-good endorphins. Whether you opt for a brisk walk, strength training or a yoga class, incorporating regular physical activity into your routine can do wonders to reset your energy levels. Top tip: if you sit at a desk all day, stand for 10 minutes every hour to help you feel more energised.  

5. Adopt smart snacking habits

Instead of reaching for sugary, refined snacks to get you through the day, choose snacks that provide a balance of protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates. For instance, incorporate a handful of nuts with a piece of fruit or crudité with hummus or guacamole. These nutritionally balanced snacks help stabilise your blood sugar levels, leading to long-lasting, feel-good energy. 

6. Improve the quality of your sleep 

If your circadian rhythm is out of whack, your energy levels will be lagging. To improve the quality of your sleep, reduce screen time before bed as blue light can disrupt the production of melatonin, a hormone needed for quality sleep. Alternatively, try non-digital activities like meditation, reading, journaling or practising mindful breathing to reduce your body’s stress levels and signal that it’s time to unwind. 

7. Lower your stress levels 

Chronic stress can seriously disrupt your energy levels. This is due to elevated levels of cortisol, which in turn leads to blood sugar spikes and dreaded ‘energy crashes’. Consider including relaxation methods like deep breathing, meditation or yoga into your daily routine to protect your body against the effects of stress and boost your energy.


Incorporating simple energy-boosting strategies can have a dramatically positive impact on both your mind and body. By maintaining a balanced diet, staying hydrated, engaging in regular physical activity and paying attention to helpful energy-boosting foods, you can foster a more energised and productive lifestyle. 


Author: Plenish Nutritionist, Katie Morley 


Email: [email protected] 

Website: www.holsome.uk