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The Results are in: Plenish Vitamin Survey

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Britain’s school children know more about vitamins than many adults according to our new survey.

The study revealed a significant nutrition knowledge gap between adults and kids, with 37% of children confident in their knowledge of vitamins compared with 71% of adults who say their knowledge is below average.

Our poll, involving over 2,000 British adults and 1,000 children aged 6-16, reveals a significant nutrition knowledge gap. Notably, 20% of children correctly identified that there are 13 essential vitamins, compared to only 5% of adults. Additionally, 38% of kids know that the body can naturally produce Vitamin D, versus only 31% of adults. Popular food myths persist, with 21% of adults believing a tomato is a vegetable and 36% unaware that ginger comes from a root.

Our new Plenish Chief Nutrition Officer Emily English emphasized the critical gap in British adults’ understanding of vitamins and their consumption:
“As a nutritionist, I witness the daily consequences of vitamin deficiency and I urge adults to enhance their knowledge of essential vitamins. Incorporating these vitamins into your daily routine is simple: consume a balanced diet, make sure you hit your five-a-day, or add a vitamin-enriched shot like Plenish.”

On a mission to educate the nation, we set up the ‘Little Shot Shop’ on London’s Portobello Road, where children shared their knowledge on vitamins with passers-by, quizzed them on their awareness, and distributed Plenish health shots including Ginger Immunity shot that contains 100% of daily vitamin C and Mango Sunshine shot that provides 100% of daily vitamin D.

Our survey shows only 12% of adults believe they consume essential vitamins daily, with 22% unaware of good vitamin sources and 13% deterred by perceived meal preparation effort. And, despite widespread health guidance, 24% of British adults have never heard of the World Health Organisation’s ‘five-a-day’ campaign.

The survey also uncovers concerning statistics about adult misconceptions: ketchup (9%) and chips (6%) we’re included in some Brit’s five-a-day, while 27% believe broccoli is a protein.

10 foods Brits mistake to be part of the five-a-day:
Sweet potato fries
Spaghetti hoops


Discover if you are smarter than schoolchildren with the Plenish Vitamin quiz.

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