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How to do the 5:2 Juice Cleanse

Are you thinking of a juice cleanse as part of your 5:2 diet? Here’s everything you need to know about how to do the 5:2  juice cleanse as part of intermittent fasting. 

What is the 5:2 diet? 

The 5:2 diet is intermittent fasting based on eating a regular calorie intake five days a week and restricting calories on two days. The diet was initially popularised by Michael Mosley, who was formerly a Doctor and is now a well-known television journalist and producer. He studied at the Royal Free Hospital Medical School in London. 

The premise of the diet is that you eat balanced meals for five days a week and restrict fasting days; women are recommended to limit to 500 calories per day on fasting days and men to 800 calories while eating normally the rest of the time.

What is the 5:2 Juice Cleanse?

A 5:2 juice cleanse makes intermittent fasting super simple. You hit your recommended calorie intake on fasting days with nutritious juices. On a Plenish 5:2 Juice Cleanse for a female, you enjoy a simple swap – two days a week, drink six of our organic, cold-pressed juices with a calorie total of 500 instead of your normal meals. It’s the same for a male, but the daily calorie intake of juices is 800. 

So is a 5:2 juice cleanse better than just eating 500 or 800 calories? It’s tricky to answer that as it really does depend on what you eat. If you were strict enough to get your 500 calories from healthy organic vegetables, fruit and lean proteins, that’s great. Our customers often found they quickly hit their 500 calories with something unhealthy or lacking the nutrition they needed. (Crisps and a bar of chocolate, anyone?) 

The Juice 5:2 diet with a Plenish Juice Cleanse

The Plenish 5:2 programme allows you to pack good stuff into your 500-calorie or 800-calorie days. With the juice cleanse, you are filling your body with nutritious vitamins and minerals. Each juice is packed with the natural goodness of organic vegetables and fruit – plus, it’s all delivered directly to your doorstep. You can just chill in the fridge and follow the daily schedule for your juices. All you need to do is shake it up and open it when you are ready to drink one. It takes the faff out of preparing a healthy day of low-calorie food. 

What’s in the daily 500-calorie Plenish Juice Cleanse for a woman?

You’ll get two 250ml bottles of our most popular green juices, the Fuel: Hard Green Juice which is 97% vegetables and the Boost: Essential Green Juice which is 73% vegetables. It’s got oodles of green goodness like spinach, romaine lettuce, kale and cucumber. Part way through the day, you’ll have a refreshing Kick: Spicy Lemonade. It’s made of coconut nectar, water, lemon, and lime with fiery chillies and spicy Cayenne pepper. 

You’ll also get to try delicious ‘Pump: Berry Beets Juice’ – a blend of sweet berries, beetroot and zingy lime and boost your immunity with Shield: Sweet Immunity Juice packed with carrots and ginger.

You’ll finish the day with a creamy cashew and cacao milk which gives you over 25% of your daily recommended copper per 100ml to support your immune system.

Want to get started? Find out more about the Plenish 5:2 juice cleanse. You can get a subscription or one-time delivery.