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A coffee date with a nutritionist: What a nutritionist orders at a café

We spent a sunny morning having a lovely coffee date with nutritionist Katie to find out what a nutritionist really orders at the coffee shop. 

My coffee shop order fluctuates with the seasons, but I tend to follow certain principles to make sure my drink is healthy and balanced. 

☕️ If we’re talking about coffee, my usual order is a simple black americano or creamy latte made with soy milk.  

🍵 If we’re talking coffee-alternatives, I absolutely love matcha thanks to its antioxidant properties, L-theanine content (great for relaxing the mind and body) and gradual caffeine release. It provides me with sustained energy throughout the day without the typical coffee crash. 

 Katie’s top 3 tips for your order 

☝️ Keep It Simple: I avoid sugar syrups and crazy flavour combinations, and instead stick with classic options like americanos, plant-based lattes or matcha lattes. 

✌️Choosing the Right Milk: Soy milk is my go-to choice after a workout thanks to its rich protein content, while almond milk is ideal for the afternoon as its healthy fats keeps me satisfied. 

👌 Timing Matters: I usually go for caffeinated beverages in the morning to kick start my day. After 2pm, I stick to drinks with less caffeine such as matcha or caffeine-free options such as herbal teas (peppermint is my go-to!).