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The New Way to Cleanse

Meet our new multi-tasking Happy Gut Cleanse. All the well-being of our classic cleanses with the aid of bloat beating gut health benefits.

  • 100% of your daily fibre intake for optimal digestion
  • Millions of live cultures (the good bacteria)
  • 16 different fruits and vegetables throughout the day for a variety of nutrients

And get 20% off our Gut Health Range with code GUTHEALTH20

A Juicy Addition to a Healthy Diet

We’ve been working with our nutritionist to create our specially curated +Juice Plan range to help you meet your health goals.

We’ll deliver to you 5 days worth of cold-pressed, organic juices and shots designed to support your immunity, gut health and energy to enjoy alongside your healthy balanced diet.

Before breakfast, with lunch or on the move – these +Juice Plans fit easily into your lifestyle!


How we Plenish

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We make 5:2 as easy as 1, 2, 3. We’ll deliver the most delicious cold-pressed juices direct to your door, all ready for your two non-consecutive fasting days. From just £49 per week when you subscribe (saving £10!) all you need to do is sit back & sip.

Small but mighty juice shots

Packed with fresh, cold-pressed ingredients plus your daily dose of key vitamins and live cultures. These immunity-boosting shots pack a powerful punch.


Grown by nature. Delivered by Plenish.


Our full range of products have always been, and will always be, plant-based

carbon negative

Carbon negative

Committed to adding more to the planet than we take, we’re certified Carbon Negative


Passionate about produce at its purest, all our natural ingredients are organic