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Coconut M*lk Multi-Pack

Coconut M*lk Multi-Pack

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Save 10% when purchasing a multi-pack of Plenish Coconut M*lk. Our deliciously plenishing coconut m*lk is a refreshing alternative to milk. We choose our coconuts for their quality and then freshly press them to perfection. Using only 100% organic coconuts, organic rice and a pinch of sea salt, our milk is free from any additives and stabilisers like gums, sunflower oil and carrageenan. Pack size: 8 x 1 Litre cartons. 

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8 Cartons of Plenish 1 Litre Almond M*lk
Organic Coconut
Organic Rice
Filtered Water
Sea Salt


Per 100ml Serving
Kjoules- 195
Kcals- 46
Fat- 1.6g
Protein- 0.2g
Carbohydrate- 7.9g
of which sugars- 4.6g

Coconut M*lk Multi-Pack

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