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Less Is Moreish

At Plenish, we love doing less with our ingredients. We don’t sweeten them, we don’t use additives and we don’t add flavourings. We keep our drinks simple, so that you can enjoy the full taste of the finest ingredients served up by nature, uninterrupted. Because less is truly moreish.

We’ve dedicated a decade to the pursuit of perfect ingredients.
Our milks are all made with the promise that no flavourings,
preservatives, or chemicals have gone into them.
No corners cut, no ingredients with funny names.
If you see Plenish on the label,
you know that you’ll find only organic, plant-based produce inside.

From our Kitchen to yours

A recipe is only as good as it’s ingredients. That’s why Plenish make the best partner for your baking, breakfast, and drinks. Each milk is made with only three natural ingredients, exactly how you’d make them at home, to give you freshest taste, from the finest ingredients.

Crispy Almond Waffles

Get the full recipe here.

Almond Milk

The best a recipe can get.
Our organic almonds come laden with natural flavour and need only roasting to release it. We roast, we blend, we add spring water and a pinch of salt. And that’s it. Meaning you get all the goodness of nature, uninterrupted.

Oat & Orange Loaf Cake

Get the full recipe here.

Oat Milk

You get out what we don’t put in.
Our organic oats come naturally sweet and full of flavour. So, we do as little to them as possible, adding only what’s essential to create the perfect pour. That means blending with water to release the oats’ creaminess and adding a touch of sea salt for taste. And that’s it: the pure taste of nature, uninterrupted.

Made with just 3 natural ingredients

Finest sustainably sourced almonds

No oils or gums

carbon neutral

Certified carbon negative