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Earn loyalty points every time you shop

Earn points everytime you shop.

£1 Spent = 1 point

Earn loyalty points for referring friends

Give £10 and get £10 for every friend you refer.

1 friend = 1000 points (£10)

Redeem your loyalty points when you shop online

Redeem your points when you shop.


We want to thank you for being PRO Plenish and invite you to automatically join our Rewards Club!

How does it work?

1. Automatically earn points every time you shop. £1 spent = 1 point earned.

2. Share £20 in points for every friend referred. Access your 'my account' section to get your unique sharing url now. 

3. Once you've earned 500 points you'll have a £5 voucher available to redeem. 

How do I redeem my points?

Once you've reached 500 points you can select your £5 voucher to use at the checkout. Login to your my account section to see how many points you have.

Start earning loyalty points now