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Hazelnut M*lk Multi-Pack

Hazelnut M*lk Multi-Pack

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Save 10% when purchasing a multi-pack of Plenish Hazelnut M*lk. Our deliciously plenishing hazelnut m*lk is bursting with organic plant goodness. Made with just three simple ingredients, it has no additives, preservatives or sweeteners, only the nutrients your body needs to be at its absolute best. It's a natural source of Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant (that means it helps protect your precious cells from oxidative stress) and manganese, which helps maintain healthy bones and contributes to a normal metabolism, giving you the power to fuel your ambition and keep your body running on awesome.  Pack size: 8 x 1 Litre cartons. 

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8 Cartons of Plenish 1 Litre Almond M*lk
Filtered Water
Sea Salt


Per 100ml Serving
Kjoules- 121
Kcals- 29
Fat- 2.9g
Protein- 0.6g
Carbohydrate- 0.3g
of which sugars- 0.2g

Hazelnut M*lk Multi-Pack

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