About Plenish

Plenish is an award-winning plant-powered drinks brand that’s on a mission to fuel a healthier world. Everything we do is driven by the belief that we’re at our best when we’re running on plenty; and that’s as true for the earth as it is for us. Our products are designed to maximise plant-fuelled nutrition and minimise our impact on the planet.

Plenish is a business born from personal experience. Kara Rosen founded the company in the UK in 2012 after many years spent running on empty and becoming ill. Failed by traditional medicine, she began seeking out nutritional advice on how to replenish her body. She was blown away by the power of plant-fuelled nutrition to transform her health and, in the process, learned much about the huge toll that the modern diet heavy in meat, dairy and processed junk takes, not only on our bodies, but on the planet. She was inspired to create a company that does things differently – creating nutritious, delicious and unadulterated plant-fuelled products that are good for you and the planet.

About the role

We are looking for a seasoned E-Commerce Manager to take the helm and drive the continued growth of our online business. We’re looking for someone who combines a rigorous, data-driven approach with the entrepreneurial spirit to identify growth opportunities and build new revenue streams. This role will be fundamental to the future success of the business. A growth mindset and a real desire to work in an SME environment are vital.

Key responsibilities are:

+ Developing a customer-centric approach to CRM that improves net promoter score and increases customer lifetime value

+ Developing our knowledge of our customers through audience segmentation and creating a data-driven email marketing strategy that clearly defines how email marketing will be used to drive both customer acquisition and retention.

+ Instituting an test-learn-implement approach to all channels that allow us to constantly be optimising our channels, content and messaging.

+ Identifying new target groups, developing a strategy to recruit them and ensuring we have the right product, proposition and marketing content to do so.

+ Developing partnerships and affiliate network to acquire new customers.

+ Working with the Marketing Team to develop all ads and assets needed.

+ Working with the product development team to create new products, packages and services.

+ Working with the customer service team to ensure an effortless and enjoyable customer experience through the journey across every touchpoint.

+ Managing the performance marketing agency.

+ Identifying opportunities to improve on-site conversion and working with an agency to implement them.



+ New customer acquisition

+ Customer lifetime value

+ Average order value

+ Average purchase frequency

+ Net Promoter Score


Skills needed:

+ At least 5 years experience in e-commerce with strong expertise in CRM & email marketing

+ Good analytical skills with a customer-centric, data-driven approach

+ Experience identifying and acquiring new audience segments with targeted products, packages, partnerships and marketing efforts.

+ Experience optimising on-site conversion and/or managing performance marketing a major plus

+ A passion for health, wellbeing and the environment

+ A sense of humour, a passion for working hard toward a common goal, a thrill for building a brand and great attention to detail

Location: London

Package: Competitive salary plus attractive OTE bonus

If you’d like to apply, please drop us a line at [email protected]