Plenish is the award-winning, innovative brand that makes raw, cold pressed juices designed to detoxify and energize the body. Brought to the UK by New Yorker, Kara Rosen, Plenish has reinvented the raw juice category with a line of organic juices and cleanses.

The Plenish philosophy encourages juicing as an essential part of every day, juicing for life in addition to seasonal cleansing. Their online juice boutique, subscription package and retail outlets (think Ocado, Wholefoods, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and many more) means Plenish juices can be enjoyed whenever and wherever needed!

Plenish is the first juice company in the UK to use a special hydraulic cold press using all certified organic ingredients that means the full life force is kept alive. This also yields a more nutrient packed juice including all of the natural enzymes, phytonutrients and vitamins. Plenish maintains the integrity of the product by using cold pressure (HPP) never heat pasturisation to provide safe, RAW, organic juices free from wheat, gluten and all processed sugars and stabilizers.


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Senior Designer