Natural Energy: Why Maca Lives Up To Its Hype

One of the most versatile multi-taskers we’ve come across, Maca is our kind of superfood, so we asked Plenish expert Jenna hope to find out more about this root plant and the benefits of using it.

Maca powder has become increasingly more popular from smoothies to hot drinks. The Peruvian fruit powder is renowned for its health promoting properties. But what is it about this ingredient that we love so much? In this article I clarify the truths of Maca powder and decide how worthy it is of its position on the superfood leader board.

Maca’s key properties;

Energy – the most popular benefit of Maca is its ability to drastically improve energy levels. Maca is hugely dense in phytochemicals (chemical compounds produced by plants, generally to help them thrive) which provide the body with a great source of energy.

Fertility – Research has suggested that the alkaloids present in the Maca root have the ability to increase the maturation of egg follicles in females and to increase sperm count in males. Maca has also been found to stimulate libido in both sexes.

Stress – Maca is an adaptogen which means it responds to the release of your hormones and works to bring them back to the level which they are required to be in the body.

Nutrient density – Maca is particularly dense in iron, vitamin C, potassium and copper. It is also a great source of calcium for those on a dairy-free diet.

Natural sweetness – Maca adds a natural sweetness to a food. However, it contains a significant amount of fibre which will slow down the absorption of the sugars and ensure a more stable blood glucose level.

With only a few of the wonderful properties Maca has to offer above I think it is fair to suggest Maca has earned its right to superfood status. I nearly forgot to mention it’s also really delicious! For an afternoon pick-me-up I really recommend the Plenish Savour, it’s sure to provide you with that energy burst!



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