Top foods to eat & avoid if you have Rosacea

If you have rosacea, or someone close to you, this article will help lots. Rosacea is a very common skin complaint (especially during this time of the year). More prevalent in women but more severe in men (who knew!). Check out how these foods can help you reduce flares and improve skin quality and texture.

what is it really tab

Rosacea is redness in the skin caused by small broken capillaries, it is a chronic inflammatory condition that is sometimes accompanied by mild edema and ‘facial flushing”. If you notice that your skin generates reddish patches when you come into a heated room or walk outside in the cold air you might have a certain degree of rosacea. Also if last time you ate at an Indian restaurant you left looking like a cat scratched your face it my be that you have a ‘bit’ of rosacea.

you can imporve it

Preventing drastic changes in temperature for your skin is a great place to start. Avoid showers that are excessively hot and keep an eye on your house heater as well. Watching what you eat and preventing foods that commonly cause flares is the best way to improve this skin condition. Keep a clean diet high on organic produce and cleanse or detox at least once a month. Below are some foods that help to reduce rosacea and improve skin texture:

Blueberries & Blackberries – they contain anthocyanins which help strengthen capillary walls making them less prone to bursting
Celery – contains silicon and vitamin K essential for skin structure and coagulations
Cucumber – cooling effect which reduces skin heat and good mineral balance
Flax seeds – omega-oils to reduce skin inflammation

foods to avoid

Any food sensitivity that you may have (i.e. gluten, dairy) will exacerbate Rosacea as part of you body’s immune response. Also make sure you reduce or eliminate these 5 common suspects as they all increase “flushing”.

Coffee and caffeinated drinks
Chocolate (specially hot chocolate)
Processed foods!
Spicy food


For an extra helping hand, the recipe below is for a great Rosacea busting Blueberry and Cucumber juice!

jrosacea uice recipes