KNOW YOUR SOURCE: Why we sustainably source every ingredient

One of the main goals of organic agriculture is to create sustainable values. Besides producing fruit, vegetables and nuts of high quality, the aim is to conserve the natural resources of fertile soil, clean water and rich biodiversity. The use of agrochemicals in farming is creating serious damage to the environment and the farm ecology, causing problems such as nutrient poor soil, high soil salinity, soil compact, erosion, decreased ecological diversity in the fields, and depletion of the water table. These environmental problems are now at such a level that they threaten the sustainability of communities and agricultural production.

But, conserving farm ecology by stopping the use of agrochemicals, especially pesticides and chemical fertilizers, can reverse some of these negative impacts, which is why we always work with suitable organic growers who grow their produce without the use of these harmful chemicals. We may not be BIG, but small steps can have a big impact and a humble nut can spark a revolution!



Our organic Almonds are grown in Spain by small carefully selected growers, as opposed to the huge Californian plantations many companies use. Not only is California regularly ravaged by drought (which thirsty crops like Almonds only add to) but it’s a huge distance to transport to the UK. We work with small growers who know their stuff and select the best organic almonds with a naturally sweet and creamy taste. The almonds are then roasted to bring out their nutty flavor, which is what makes our Almond M*lk so delicious. Plus, all our small suppliers are certified organic and accomplish both the Spanish and European standards.

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We get our cashew nuts from Vietnam, as this is where we it’s believed the creamiest, most tasty cashews come from. Our nuts are sourced from several small farmer cooperatives, each of which are not only certified organic – so we know our nuts are grown naturally and sustainably – but are also certified fair trade, helping to support the local communities.

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Plenish hazelnuts have a story to make you smile! The hazelnuts that make our delicious Hazelnut M*lk are from a foundation called the Happy Hazelnut Project. They are dedicated to the production of a fair and transparent supply chain of Turkish hazelnuts and fair pay for everyone – from workers to farmers. The Happy Hazelnut Project support the protection of the environment through the promotion of organic farming and better agricultural practices in the hazelnut producing area.

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Our coconuts are Sri Lankan, grown by the Silva family.  Anthony Silva opened his first desiccated coconut factory in 1920 in Giriulla, a major coconut growing area in Sri Lanka.

98 years later, the company is still under the management of the Silva family, third generation, and they produce tons of different coconut products. They now employ around 1350 workers, from neighboring towns and villages, and many have worked in the organisation for generations.

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All our growers work to strict organic standards, so you can be assured we always use the very best quality nuts. This means no nasty chemicals are ever used to grow our nuts, which is better for the farmers, the environment and you. You’ll never find any GMOs in our products because you are what you eat, and we want you to thrive!