At Plenish we know the benefits of a juice a day, but we want everyone else to experience them too, so we equipped Plenish fitness expert Becs Gentry with a month’s supply of green juice to find out what would happen if she drank one every day.


Adding in greens to our diet seems a simple thing to do in principle however when it comes down to crunching the numbers it’s often quite a shock to realise we don’t nearly meet the recommended 10 a day quota – which equates to 800g! It’s been acknowledged that eating a high amount of fruit and vegetables daily can help reduce heart disease and other chronic illnesses. So how can you do it?


Without a doubt, the easiest and most effective way to bring a massive dose of green nutrients into your day is to add a green juice to your diet. We’ve all read about the benefits of fuelling your body with plants and the wonderful effects greens have on your body and mind and I can testify to this being true.


With a busy lifestyle, I often grab food on the go or find myself searching on Deliveroo for the healthiest option to arrive at my door after a long day, but one thing I religiously do is drink my greens every day without fail. My favourite green juices are Plenish’s Boost and Fuel, here’s why;

Boost is a 75% vegetable juice, high in manganese which protects your body from oxidative stress, we need this due to the number of free radicals and pollution (especially in cities) and the rate at which the lifestyle can prematurely age us without this nutrient. It’s also high in folic acid to help psychological performance so it helps my brain stay alert and function well when running from my clients to classes.

Fuel is 96% vegetable so extremely minimal sugar. It is high in magnesium which works to keep bones and teeth super healthy and strong as well as helping the body fight fatigue and aids in a good night’s rest and recovery which is imperative if you’re training.

What to look out for when picking your juice – make sure you find a juice that is 100% organic, cold pressed and low in sugar. When you’re drinking a kilo of vegetables, you want it to be organic not to load your body with toxic chemicals from pesticides. Cold pressing is the process which keeps the nutrient profile at its best. It squeezes the produce with cold plates to extract the juice and nutrients rather than tearing through it and heating it like a house hold juicer which is what destroys a lot of the nutrients. Finally, low sugar – don’t be fooled by a green looking juice that is loaded with sugar or fruit puree.




Every day I drink one of these and after a couple of days I feel the effects. My levels of nutrients increase and I can feel my body and mind functioning more optimally. My energy levels are also higher as my rest has been optimised overnight, my body has been given a boost of magnesium which helps repair and set my body up to train well the next day full of energy. My skin is more vibrant due to the low sugar content in these juices and alkalising properties of leafy greens and what’s most interesting is that my hunger levels have decreased. In just one 500ml bottle there is 1kg of vegetables packed in, getting you well on your way to hitting your 10 a day.




All in all, drinking a green juice everyday has increased my energy, boosted my skin health and lowered my hunger. I would definitely suggest the lower the fruit content the better, which is why I love Plenish. Having a nutrient dense diet to feed your body is what makes it function to its optimal level. A well nourished mind and body shows in many ways – in your energetic output, your mood, and your skin. Ticking all these boxes with one bottle of green juice is a very convenient way to do so. It’s certainly my go to gym bag essential – and I know it helps keep me fast and strong!


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