A note from the experts. Plenish nutritional therapist Jenna Hope is asking you to stop making these mistakes and sabotaging your healthy eating routine.



This is an absolute ‘no no’ when it comes to my top tips. When you’re hungry your blood sugar levels are low causing you to require food to increase them. Making you more likely to grab high sugar foods in order to satisfy these feelings. You’ve more likely to overload your basket with foods you wouldn’t otherwise buy and in considerably higher quantities too! Not only can hungry shopping sabotage your waistline and health but it can also burn holes in your purse. A lose-lose situation.



This is so 90s but I feel a responsibility to reinforce to you that the low fat options are far from healthy choices. The fat in low fat foods is often replaced with sugar meaning that whilst you’re depriving yourself of the fats your body requires for brain functioning, joint lubrication, healthy hair, nails and skin to name a few, you’re also fueling yourself with more sugar than necessary. Consequently you’re increasing insulin release and if eaten in excess the risk of type 2 diabetes.



Sugar-free is the latest buzzword on so many of the food packets we see in supermarkets nowadays. However, we have to ask ourselves is this product REALLY SUGAR FREE and the answer nine times out of ten will be no. It is merely refined sugar free. Now this is a great start but don’t fool yourself. Products which contain honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar, rice syrup or even dates and dried fruit are by no means sugar free although they may be a healthier alternative to refined sugar. These sugars still create spikes in blood glucose and greater insulin responses. You should treat these products as healthier alternatives to your refined sugar options but they shouldn’t be consumed in excess.



On paper, sport drinks sound ideal with the promise of energy and endurance.

In reality, they’re packed with artificial sweeteners or sugar and flavours which can play havoc with your blood glucose levels and keep you craving high sugar foods for the rest of the day.

For example, one bottle of Lucozade energy contains 17.1 grams of sugar, which is close to 2/3 of your guided daily allowance.



This is a sneaky one. It’s oats, pretty healthy, right? Nuts, equally a great source of healthy fats, seeds, spices and dried fruit. Once again this sounds like the ideal breakfast. However, the majority of brands you’ll find on your grocery shelves will have a considerable amount of added sugar (which often comes in more than one form). These sugars spike your blood glucose and leave you feeling hungrier throughout the day. Opt for porridge oats to make your own version or even better start your morning with a bowl of porridge or eggs to keep you full throughout the morning.


NOTE: Next time you’re food shopping take these tips with you like a shopping list. It’s always worth double checking your trolley at the till to ensure you’re making sensible choices to prevent the food regret later on.


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