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5:2 - MALE

5:2 - MALE

570 calories per day. Suggested for men or women with an active lifestyle.
Enjoy benefits of the 5:2 diet without the calorie counting. For 2 days a week substitute solid food with 615 calories worth of nutritious cold pressed juice. You'll recieve one delivery per week, until you decide to cancel (because you've reached your goals!) Including a 14 page success tracker to guide you through the plan and provide a place to record your progress and our signature glass straw. You will receive weekly support emails to ensure that you have the right tools on hand to amplify results. Including recipes for non fasting days, nutrition support and workout videos from celebrity trainer, Faisal Abdalla.
Each 'fasting' day consists of 6 x 250ml juices, so each weekly delivery will include a total of 12 juices. At the checkout, you’ll be asked to select your delivery day on the calendar, this will remain the same each week. You'll be charged £59 per week and can cancel at any time by calling or emailing. 
Want some advice before ordering? Give us a call on 0207 603 8002 (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm). Allergen info: we handle nuts + celery in our juicery.

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Weekly delivery of:
Lift 250ml x 2
Pump 250ml x 2
Elevate 250ml x 2
Kick 250ml x 2
Boost 250ml x 2
Savour 250ml x 2


570 Kcals per 5:2 diet day.

5:2 - MALE

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Reasons to try the Plenish 5:2 Diet Male?

The Plenish Male 5:2 intermittent diet programme is a weekly 2 day fast centred around your weight loss and health gain goals.

This weightloss juice diet not only helps you to reach your weightloss goals, but thanks to the organic cold pressed juices you will also be consuming an abundance of vitamins and minerals, meaning that this intermittent diet also promotes good health.

Typically the main goal of an intermittent diet is for weight loss, the inclusion of organic cold pressed juices in this 2 day fast means that it also promotes good health. 

If you've previously tried an intermittent diet and found the calorie counting challenging then this 2 day fast is worth trying. With this weight loss juice diet we do all the work, all you need to do is drink 6 250ml cold pressed juices 2 days per week.