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10 Years of Plenish

It’s our anniversary, and we’re thrilled to be celebrating 10 years of Plenish. Ten years ago, Kara Rosen came to the UK from New York and struggled to find the fresh juices she loved. Kara was suffering from illness and fatigue in New York when a nutritionist introduced her to nutrient-rich, cold-pressed juices – and she soon felt the benefits. 


As Kara couldn’t find what she needed anywhere in the UK, she started making her own with the freshest organic produce she could find. Although she started making them for herself – her friends began to ask her for them, and this later led to the launch of Plenish. Ten years later, Plenish cold-pressed juices, shots and plant-based milks are now sold in thousands of stores across the UK, and we’ve sold millions of drinks online. One thing that’s not changed in those years is our mission to use organic ingredients and to keep their natural goodness intact all the way to the glass. Here’s a reminder of what has and hasn’t changed in those years.


10 Years of the Finest Organic Produce

Our mission to use the finest organic ingredients has never faltered. We’re proud that this hasn’t changed in ten years. We were one of the first juice companies to the market and are still ahead of the rest in using all certified organic ingredients. Perhaps not surprisingly, organic farming produces nutritious food. According to a study in the British Journal of Nutrition – organic foods have higher concentrations of antioxidants than conventionally grown foods. We only use organic produce that is certified by the Soil Association. Organic certification bodies work with farmers and food processors to make sure their food meets strict organic standards laid down in law. 


No flavourings, No additives, No preservatives

We still don’t sweeten our ingredients, and we don’t add any flavouring, ever. There is no oil or gums in our milk, and we don’t add sugar to drinks. There’s no need. Our milks are made with organic ingredients and blended with only water and a pinch of salt. Most of them have just three ingredients. So, for example, our almond milk is just organic almonds, water and sea salt. Simple.


All of our juices contain natural ingredients and many of our juices consist of cold-pressed organic vegetables with organic fruit for added flavour. For instance, our Fuel Green Juice is made up of 96% vegetables, 4% lime and 0% rubbish. We also use organic fruit which is cold-pressed for perfection. All of our juices contain just fruit, veg and natural goodness. There are no additives, concentrates or added sugars.

We’ve launched immunity shots

In 2020 our customers got the first taste of our immunity shots. Just like our other products these little shots contain all-natural ingredients. These little powerhouses are packed full of nutrients and your daily dose of many vitamins to support the normal function of the immune system. Our Berry Gut Health shot is packed with millions of live cultures, our Ginger Immunity Shot packs in 100% of your daily recommended Vitamin C, and our Turmeric Defence Shot has 100% of your recommended vitamin B12 intake per shot.  

We’re a B Corp

In 2021 we finally got our B Corp certification, which we are extremely proud of. What’s a B Corp? The B in B Corp stands for benefit. Certified B Corporations, or B Corps, are companies verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. We’re also the only UK drinks brand to be certified carbon negative by the UN. We’re still committed to creating real environmental benefits and adding more to the planet than we take. 

10 years of high points for Plenish:

2012 – Kara Rosen is making juices at home in Notting Hill and they are first stocked in Harvey Nichols during London Fashion Week


2013 – London’s biggest health food stores Planet Organic and Wholefoods start to stock Plenish juices too.


2016 – The first Plenish Milks are launched and win the ‘Great Taste Awards’.


2018 – Launch the “Start Somewhere” campaign to encourage others to switch their milk for sustainability.


2020 – You get your first taste of our immunity shots.


2021 – We are officially a B-Corp company and the only UK drinks brand to be certified carbon negative by the UN. 


2022 – We have a new look for 2022 and are celebrating 10 years


As you can see, while we are constantly innovating and launching new products, there will be more to come – some things don’t change. Our products will always be plant-based. We’ll always use the finest natural ingredients and our commitment to the environment will not waiver. Happy 10 years and thanks to all of our customers for all of your support in getting us here.